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Welcome to OSMIS

A professional service you can trust, offering support to Education and Care Partners

Empowering Children, Supporting Schools, Shaping Futures

1 to 1 Alternative Provision

Our Alternative Provision provides you and your students with a dedicated 1:1 intervention programme designed to develop resilience, emotional literacy and confidence.

Group Work

From time-to-time, schools can find themselves with common difficulties in specific areas. Our Small Group work is a great way to address this with activities specifically designed to promote emotional literacy and confidence.


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing young people transition back into their identified school setting. After a significant period of time away this is the most important part of a young person's educational journey and is the measure of success. 

1 to 1 Alternative Provision
Group Work
Contact and Respite

Our Services

Contact and Respite

Supervision and observation of contact between children who are the subject of care proceedings and family member managed by members of the OSMIS team.

OSMIS have been very helpful and really easy to work with, they have supported school and
understand how the education system works. They have been flexible to change if it has been needed
and nothing is a problem. I feel very confident our pupils are in safe hands and can see they are
enjoying their experiences while developing new strategies to support their social and emotional
aspects of learning


It is clear that OSMIS is continuing to develop in terms of the range of facilities and activities
they offer. It is a welcoming and secure environment with positive leadership and great team of staff

Business Consultant

OSMIS has been a breath of fresh air with regards to Alternative Provision offering a lot of vulnerable
young people a nurturing relaxed, activity based, child centred programme. On visiting students, I can honestly
say I have never seen them as happy and can see why OSMIS have had the success they have. Mainstream
school isn’t for every child and it’s good to know there is a provision that offers them a chance to shine and begin
to see their potential


Without OSMIS I am certain ********* would have been excluded. He has started to
understand the consequences of his actions and began to think before he acts. This would have been
unheard of 3/4months ago. Our home has become a calmer place and we have started to enjoy family
time without the conflicts. The next step is to transfer this into school and I am very confident this will



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