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OSMIS is an Alternative Provision based in Sheffield offering schools a unique 1:1 mentoring opportunity for young people.  Alongside our individual mentoring we offer complementary services including small group work and respite support for care partners.  

OSMIS provides meaningful, bespoke activities specifically designed with the young person improving self-esteem and learning attitudes which, in turn, has a healthy impact on their future aspirations.

Since OSMIS started operating in 2018 we have supported some of the most vulnerable young people in Sheffield and further afield and we continue to be a popular choice for schools and care partners. We work hard with school to establish an open and continuous dialogue, reporting progress, seeking advice and establishing the how and when reintegration maybe possible, if at all. Dialogue then begins about how the future might look for an individual.

After a minimum of twelve-weeks’ intervention, OSMIS aims to support each young person through a carefully structured, phased reintegration to school or the most appropriate setting. This will only be actioned when both the mentor and mentee feel confident this can be done and in consultation with school or referring agencies.

        “OSMIS have been very helpful and really easy to work with, they have supported school and understand how the education system works.........." SENDCo

Why Osmis?

Here at OSMIS we work towards 3 very distinct and important principles....
Empowering Children, Supporting Schools and Shaping Futures

Growing up is often difficult due to many factors, the pressures of trying to fit in often lead to difficult, and frequently, poor choices. For others, it maybe family pressures that influence behaviour and emotions. Some young people, through their own or others actions, are at risk of being permanently excluded from school. At OSMIS we look to challenge the stereotypes that these young people are difficult. We say they are unique...

We believe that ‘Every Child Matters'. We fully understand how important school and education is, but, it can be an incredibly tough journey for some young people. We know some young people just fall through the gaps. We believe every child deserves the best. We offer the correct support, in the right way for the young person, with the right mentor and in the right environment. Our past experiences and success show that young people become engaged, motivated and empowered.

We foster amongst both staff and young people an ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ for one another. We use our own tried and tested ‘Positive Behaviour Strategies’, and child-centred, solution-focused, techniques to provide a physical, emotional and educational environment. Staff creativity allows almost endless activities based on the individual, specific interests of each young person. Working this way, past experience and past successes have shown our young people have become engaged in their learning, preparing them to become valued members of society and empowered to become the best they can be.

Referrals are sent to us by the school that each student is registered with, after initial discussions, it will be determined if they meet our criteria and the necessary forms completed. Parents / Carers will need to sign the consent forms within the referral pack. 

We work with children and young people from 5 - 15years old and will tailor sessions To their needs…. These can be wide and varied from school to school and depending on geographical area.
The most commons topics are:

  • Building Resilience and Self-esteem

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing anger

  • Dealing with feelings

  • Separation and Loss

Some parents use OSMIS as their first port of call but ultimately they will need to discuss any referral with school and then they will have to complete the paperwork. 

In some cases we have worked closely with the local authorities Special Educational Needs Department (SEN), Social Care and the virtual Schools teams and inclusion centres but the school you’re child is registered with will need to make the referral.

Transport to and from our base and activities is provided by OSMIS. It will be arrange in advance and determined whether the collection and drop off will be from school or home.

How long is a piece of string ? At OSMIS we do not believe in limiting timescales as each child / young person is different with their response to our intervention and progress through their educational journey.  For this reason we are reluctant to place pressure on ourselves and students but will regularly assess their readiness to move on and  next  steps.

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